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The Dreamer A young man puzzled by a dream...

This Is My Face

A film by Zoë Jane. This Is...


A film by Zoë Jane. TheIMPERmanENCEofBEING. Featuring...

The Black Dress

LiteratureThe Black Dress

The whole town knows her. They are used to the lifeless body wandering the town. Her short black dress floating around her form. The lace sleeves making way for her brown skin. They are used to her, yet she always scares them. Maybe it is when she appears in the middle of the night, standing on the side of the road as their cars crawl past. Her sleepy form leaning against a light pole, her eyes half closed. She is everywhere and invisible. When you look for her, she is gone. When you are least expecting her she returns. She was young when she wandered away from the lawn party. She was young when she started to walk the streets in that one black dress. She was young when her family lost her. She slipped out of their grasp, so softly, like she was never there. No matter how many people see her, her family never does. She lives in the night, she sleeps on the roads. Occasionally, a reckless college student will be driving too fast. Their headlights bright and radio loud. When they hit the shell of the human, they panic. They climb out of the car to check on the little girl in the black dress. They lean down to see a magnetic face tangled in black hair. They see her weak limbs and pale lips, but no blood. They rush to take her to hospital, but the second they touch her, her eyes carefully open and she walks away into the woods. The girl never talks, she never makes a sound. She can’t be heard, her footsteps undetectable by the finest of ears. 

The boy is a friend to all. He travels the hall of the school with pride and love. He has family, he has friends. He has everything and nothing, he has nothing. The girl that no one can reach, he has. The girl in the black dress waits for the boy. She stands at the front of the school and waits for the boy in the blue shirt to appear. She waits all day, balancing on the sides of the gardens. Her toes enclosed in tights holding her body as she tilts on the bricks surrounding the flower beds. Longing for her only friend. When he is released from the confines of his prison she is by his side. No one dares get close. Together the boy and girl retreat to the fields. They talk. The town knows. What else would they do for hours? He makes her stiff face shape into a stale smile. A smile that looks like it has been set in place, and lingered for years. 

The days she sees the boy she dances in the streets and doesn’t care when rain falls and wolves howl. The girl in the black dress doesn’t care when the lighting hits and the power line falls on her lifeless, fragile, perfect, ghost, and in love body.


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The Dreamer

This Is My Face

The Dreamer

This Is My Face


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