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The Dreamer A young man puzzled by a dream...

This Is My Face

A film by Zoë Jane. This Is...


A film by Zoë Jane. TheIMPERmanENCEofBEING. Featuring...

The Lightning

AI AuthorsThe Lightning

The night lit up like lightning for the last time

the sparks flew like fireflies

and connected with the earth

you could make out their outline

then like fireflies you could hear them

the sparks pulsed like fireworks

as the sun went down.

The sun sank

it was the last time.

the darkness was here now.

things went silent

there is a dark wall behind you.

there is something inside you

this is what you want

you want everything

there is an opening that means nothing.

this is what you want

you walk,

it’s where you want to go.

this is where you want to sleep.

and the dark wall between these two places will always remain

that is the last time.

this is how you want to fall

into the deepest abyss

then you will wake up somewhere

deep under the ocean

we went to see what was going to happen.

when the sun had set and it was dark enough

our eyes locked on one another

the lights went out of focus

you saw the light and I was there

Written by Deep AI. Slightly curated.


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The Dreamer

This Is My Face

The Dreamer

This Is My Face


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