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How to stop your house from killing you

TechnologyHow to stop your house from killing you

This is an article about the game Minecraft

Building secure houses in Minecraft is important if you want to be successful at what you want to do in the game. Whether you’re searching for the ender portals, or exploring the nether, having a house that will not accidentally kill you is important. This is because the reason that you build a house is so that monsters do not interrupt you while you do various things, like sort through your items, or store all your chests and crafting benches.

You should build the walls of your house out of cobblestone, have the perimeter and interior lit at all times, and place several rooms after the entrance to your house with either doors, or stairs at the entrance of each room. In addition, having breakable blocks as your walls can help you escape if there is danger. I have played Minecraft since 2012, and I have played over 1,000+ hours a year in the past several years. I have been in many situations in my house where monsters have spawned near or inside my house and attacked.

Here is an example: I had been gathering resources near my house, when night fell. I did not have good gear and wanted to collect wood during the night. I ended up taking a lot of damage from skeletons, and I started to head back to my house, but many creepers had spawned around the area, and they, and every other hostile overworld surface mob followed me to the doors of my house. I was so low on health that I was unable to defend the doorway as I entered, and two creepers followed me inside. Because I had cobblestone walls, I was able to run to the back of my house and mine quickly through the wall and escape. If I had made the walls out of another block, like dirt or wood, I would not have been able to escape. This is because most players will always have a pickaxe that mines stone blocks, but they might not have their other tools.

One time, I was at a friend’s Minecraft house. And I made an invisible hole in the wall that was identical to their wooden walls. A creeper entered several days later and exploded, causing massive damage. It could have been prevented if the walls were cobblestone.

Cobblestone is a good block to build with because it is very common, just four to five blocks below the surface, and everything down to 70 blocks below sea level will be cobblestone when you mine it. Cobblestone can be instantly mined with a max level pickaxe, provided a beacon is at your house. This means that you can just click the wall of your house to exit. Cobblestone is very hard, and if TNT or Creepers cause damage to your house, it will be much less. You can also make it into several more nice looking blocks to build with, like stairs, wall blocks, or slabs. Slabs are useful because mobs do not spawn on them. Cobblestone makes it easy to add onto your house too.

Cobblestone is good because it is one of the most common blocks, it is easy to mine, and it stops explosions.

There are several reasons I have not built my houses out of blocks that are not cobblestone. Oftentimes wooden houses are made, or houses made with super hard blocks to reinforce it. Wooden houses are nice because they look good, and wood is an efficient block, because every log you mine is four plank blocks that you can build your house out of. And trees are on the surface, where during the day there are no monsters. The issue with wooden houses are that explosions or fire will can make a house vanish or be significantly altered in a matter of seconds.

This could potentially destroy all of your stuff and lose many hours of work. Building with cobblestone allows you to mine for rare earth metals while also getting building blocks, and being underground in a strip mine is much safer than mining wood on the surface, especially in the newer versions where pillagers and other strange things wander the surface of the overworld. Another issue with houses that I have found is building out of blocks you cannot mine. Oftentimes players do this when a player vs player situation is likely to occur. You might build your house out of obsidian, or create a system that makes your walls unbreakable, building out of netherite blocks, or a block that takes you a long time to mine. This will increase the time it takes you to build your house, and if players breach your hardened walls, you will be forced to fight them because you cannot mine out of your house to escape.

While cobblestone might be a very common and ugly looking block, using it will save you time and resources, as it can also be used as a scaffolding block or utility block when you go exploring, or fight with players and monsters.

With cobblestone houses you will be free of worry of monsters destroying your house or players trapping you inside with them. It barely takes any time to collect some cobblestone, no matter your skill level.

Happy Building and Exploring!



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