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A film by Zoë Jane. TheIMPERmanENCEofBEING. Featuring...

Falling Upwards

EconomicsFalling Upwards

Things are going up, up, up. Haven’t you heard? It’s absolutely wonderous – how’d you miss it? Oh, right, the newsreels are hard to watch without a screen. 

Still, there’s news-hawkers on the corners. Haven’t you heard them? Everything’s looking up, my friend. Don’t worry for nothing.

Look, sales are up seventy percent this week. We’re hitting big in markets across the globe! We’re in the top percent for exports per capita. We’re making it! Why so glum? 

Didn’t you hear about the new senate house? A chance for our democracy to better itself – it’s being run by the president’s son. It’s this grand building – all marble and columns. It’s designed to look like the newest National Bank – the big treasury building for stock exchanges is being redesigned as well. They want to have real gold accents.  

Alright, but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Yeah, I’m out of cash for this week, too, but just you wait. We work in that iron factory – next thing you know we’ll be raking in coins every day. They just said stock values went up by 60 units. That’s crazy! It’s remarkable!

There’s your problem. You’re afraid. Look, things have been a little rough recently. Certainly the war was no help, the layoffs. Yeah, they dropped most of us from the assistance programs – but that’s superb! That means we’re good enough to make it big on our own. Hell, who needs the factory? We can start our own. Managers make more anyway – that’s where the money’s at. 

Look, they’re saying on the news. This is a chance for our country to reinvent itself. The stocks are going up, prices are going up too – it’s bound to happen. We’ll be getting hefty raises too – sooner or later. It all makes perfect sense if you just listen to the ministry broadcasts. Everything’s brilliant nowadays – the deregulation of the banking sector worked amazing, and once the military stepped up our economy jumped higher. It was all just tabloid gossip.

Didn’t you hear the kid on the corner? We’re the grandest economy in the world! Ranked highest out of twenty in all sections. Don’t worry so much. Luck is good, now. Don’t worry, in six months time you can fix up the house, get the older kids back in school, buy some candy or something. Don’t worry so much. The news says big, big, big. Look at the castles – the kings wouldn’t be so happy if we weren’t doing amazing! The war ended a while ago, we’ll be seeing them reenter the workforce. That’ll only stabilize things. That’s what the prime minister says. 

I don’t get why you’re so negative all the time. 


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The Dreamer

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The Dreamer

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