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There Is Some Tragedy

LiteratureThere Is Some Tragedy

there is some tragedy – 

draped in silks, and weeping trees, and 

steaming teas by river-banks. there is 

the image i have, of you, 

so persistent – the sun

under the dimm’d sky. 

the moon, shimmering

above the wavering sea. 

there is some


in the remembering. in the way

the memories dip, and bob to the surface

floating face-up in a river full of 

photos and streets and golden lights. 


rush of the waves; the 

songs, so faintly

streaming from the houses. sand, dampened

upon feet. waiting – music – 

i love you, te amo, je t’aime-

it is tired. the world

is hitting the sunset, strewn like 

a painting, a promise

across the velvet-red sky. 


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