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This Is My Face

A film by Zoë Jane. This Is...


A film by Zoë Jane. TheIMPERmanENCEofBEING. Featuring...

distant stars – a poem

Literaturedistant stars - a poem

i dreamt you came back home – 

rain drizzling on a lonesome day, and 

the clouds veined gray, laced white, and

smoke and water. you tipped your hat. smiled

so beautifully, that innocent demon – 

you were 

the same.


how could we ever forget – 

all the smiles

when we’re half-asleep and half-awake,


in the middle. the sky, the sea, 

and the stars. you are 

ever-changing, and tumultuous, and 

always there

distantly at the edge 

floating, laughing, 

even in the most cold nights –

far, far away

where i cannot reach you,

where you are just a memory, beautiful

and glinting, like 

a distant star.


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The Dreamer

This Is My Face

The Dreamer

This Is My Face


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