Friday, January 27, 2023

It’s Coming — A Single By The Website Administrator

Vocal by Website Administrator. Piano by Website Administrator. Guitar by Eluard Shrei. Written by Website Administrator. Produced by Eluard Shrei.

  1. It’s Coming 3:59

The lyrics:

Leaves fade to grey
Oceans melt away
No more games to play
Ice turning brown
Sinkholes in the ground
It all falls in
It’s coming today
It’s coming anyway
It’s all turning grey
It’s starting to fray
I always heard them say
It wouldn’t anyway
But soon it’ll be that day
Oceans meet the sky
The air burns your eye
There’s nowhere left to fly
It’s coming today
It’s coming every way
It’s all turning grey
It’s starting to fray
Leaves fall from trees
Caught in ocean breeze
The winds are wild
What about the child?
It’s coming for you
It's coming for me
We must agree
It’s coming for we


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